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Pink Pussy Punishment!!!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Pink Pussy Punishment!!!Pamela is a dirty little whore that can’t get enough of pain and pleasure to her pussy. She is dressed in a pink outfit and sits on a chair as she rubs her clit and finger fucks her pussy. She is wet and hornier now and needs something to fill her up so she reaches for a beige dildo and begins to slurp on it and then rubs it between her tits. She can’t take it anymore and pulls her panties to the side and lets the brutal sex machine intrude into her wide open pussy. She moans and groans as it thrusts her deep and slowly, you can see her pussy pulsating so she turns the knob to high and lets it ram her cunt harder and faster as she screams in ecstacy you can see her pussy is dripping wet from having multiple orgasms.


Hard Pussy Pounding!!!

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Hard Pussy Pounding!!!Alisha is a short haired brunette that loves to get her pussy fucked by some huge cocks but since there are none around she takes the next best thing which is the brutal dildo sex machine. She starts by rubbing her pussy and sucking the brutal beige dildo that is strapped onto the sex machine. She then turns the power up to medium and lets it thrust her snatch slowly as she grinds her hips. She’s so excited not that her pussy is turning red and getting wetter and wetter by the thrust, she turns the knob up high and moans and groans as it fucks her like she wanted to be fucked. She then turns around and lets it give it to her doggy-style as she pushes her pussy back hard against it and has orgasm after orgasm.


Dildo Machine Fucks Blond!!!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Dildo Machine Fucks Blond!!!Melanie is a horny blond slut that is yearning to get her pussy fucked. She’s never tried a brutal fucking machine before and is very curious and did I mention very horny. She starts her escapade by rubbing her big tits and giving them a few teasing licks as she rubs her pink pussy. She then reaches for the beige dildo that is strapped onto the sex machine and begins to lick and suck on it. She turns it on as it rams her mouth and her throat and she’s imagining how good it would feel deep in her pussy. She then removes her panties and lets the machine enter her pussy. At first its nice and slow and shes getting excited she turns the knob on high and rides the machine until she cums again and again.


Painful Pussy Pounding!!!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Painful Pussy Pounding!!!Kream is a horny porn star that loves to get her pussy impaled by some huge objects. She starts by undressing from her green lingerie to reveal her green g-string. She starts rubbing her tits and licking them and then reaches for the pink dildo that is strapped onto the fucking machine and begins to lick it.  Kream starts to suck on it and deep throat the huge dildo and then tit fucks it with her big tits. She then starts to rub her clit until she is ready to let the fucking machine delve into her pussy. She starts it out slowly letting it inch its way into her pussy then she turns the knob up high and allows it to cram her pussy hard and deep until she squirts her orgasm everywhere.


Squirting Orgasm With Dildo Sex Machine!!!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Squirting Orgasm With Dildo Sex Machine!!!Vicky is a dirty blond babe in more ways than one. She begins rubbing her tits and her clit as she gets her pussy wet and ready to get impaled by the dildo sex machine. On the pounding machine there is a red brutal dildo attached to it and it’s about to give her the fuck of her life. She starts sucking on this huge dildo and then puts the speed on medium and lets it enter her pussy doggy style. As it thrusts her pussy she’s pushing on it so it can go even deeper and hit her g-spot. She turns around and rubs her clit as the drilling machine fucks her pussy until she reaches orgasm over and over again as pussy juice gushes out of her and all over the place.


Horny Blond Bitch Gets Drilled!!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Horny Blond Bitch Gets Drilled!!Vanessa is a sexy blonde babe that is excited to get her pussy impaled with the brutal drilling machine. She begins by rubbing her clit until her pussy is throbbing craving for the indigo dildo that is strapped on the pounding machine to fuck her as if she never got fucked before. She opens her legs wide and places the head inside her twat and turns it on. At first it pounds her slowly and she’s getting off on it, but then turns it higher and higher until she is moaning and groaning and she’s loving every moment of it. She then decides to put a bigger brutal dildo onto the sex machine and let’s it ravage her pussy harder and faster until she cums over and over again.


Pierced Pussy Gets Pounded!!!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Pierced Pussy Gets Pounded!!!Pamela is a horny slut with an amazing hot body that wants to get fucked. She starts her by rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy at the same time. She then starts taking off her sexy pink lingerie as she grabs on to the fucking machine and begins licking it and rubbing it between her tits all the while she continues to play with her pussy. She’s excited now and opens her legs wide to let the brutal fucking machine fuck her pierced pussy slowly and then turns around to get pounded doggy style. She then turns the knob at full speed and the brutal dildo that is strapped to this fucking machine is drilling her cunt hard and fast, her pussy is so wet with pussy juice that it drips down her legs.


Hot Bitch Getting Pounded!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Hot Bitch Getting Pounded!Hollie is a sexy bitch with black hair and a nice set of tits that wants some action from this brutal sex machine. As she lies on a lounge chair she begins to rub her tits and her pussy getting herself hot and horny. She starts rubbing the red dildo that is strapped to the fucking machine against her clit and then slips it into her clean shaven pussy. The sex machine is fucking her slowly and she is moaning and groaning now and turns the knob higher as her pussy is dripping with her pussy juices. She then turns herself around and gets her cunt pounded from behind in a doggy style position as the machine is on a high speed her orgasm quickly approaches and she is moaning with pleasure.


Fast And Furious Machine Fucking!!

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Fast And Furious Machine Fucking!!Hailey is a horny bitch that gets impaled by this huge dildo fucking machine. She begins by doing a little strip tease as she slowly removes her purple lingerie and then places her hot naked body on the couch and begins rubbing her clit. Hailey is getting so excited that she starts to ram her fingers deep and hard inside her twat. She can’t take the the excitement anymore and begins jerking off the dildo on the sex machine as she slips it into her mouth at the same time. She then turns on the machine thats going to fuck her, slowly at first as she rubs her clit. Hailey heightens the speed to full throttle until it’s pounding her fast and hard that her pussy becomes sated with juicy hot cum.


Sexy Brunette Has Red Hot Machine Sex!!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

p4.jpgDemia is a hot babe with long curly brown hair up to her ass, she begins to strip off her lingerie to reveal her pink pussy and rubs it slowly. She then grabs a red brutal dildo as she still rubs her pussy begins to lick and suck on this dildo passionately. She is so hot and bothered now that she straps this red hot dildo onto the fucking machine and turns it on and begins to suck on it as it goes in and out of her mouth. Demis opens her legs wide open and gets her pussy thrusted with this brutal sex machine as she rubs her clit simultaneously. She then turns around and gets impaled by the back hard and fast until she cums and grabs a hold of the dildo and licks all her cum off of it.