Machine Dildo Enters Backdoor!

Machine Dildo Rams Pussy!This girly likes to get fucked doggy style! She prepares herself for a night of plastic play time by fluffing some of her softest pillows and climbing in front of her machine on all fours. Once in position, she lines up her pussy to the hard toy and turns around, waiting to be penetrated by the long, hard dildo. The excitement builds as the toy slowly inches closer and closer until finally the big mushroom tip is separating her wet slit and slipping inside of her waiting love tunnel! She turns up the speed so that she’s being rammed as hard and as fast as the settings allow. Her screams announce her pleasure and as the toy pulsates in and out, the slurping sounds of her own juices get her going even more. Without taking the toy out, she expertly flips over onto her back and allows the tip of her clit to be teased and barely tapped by the shaft of the plastic cock as it continues to fuck her, driving her wild! The orgasm sneaks up on her so suddenly and with such force that her whole body stiffens as she drowns in the waves of pleasure that consume her body!


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