Horny Whore Gets Machine Fucked!

Horny Whore Gets Machine FuckedThis tight little whore loves to play with her new toy while her husband is at work. Watch as she is relentlessly pounded, rammed, and stuffed so full that all she can do is lay there, moan, and take it like a champ! She’s built up such endurance and stamina that even her husband doesn’t have what it takes any more to keep her fully satisfied. Sometimes she’ll even have to take out her toy after they fuck just to finish herself off! She gets comfortable on her bed and starts off with just her fingers which she licks and sucks before inserting them in her tight hole. Then she spreads the walls with her first and middle finger and while they’re still inside lets the dildo slide in too. It stretches her so wide that she gasps and cant wait for more. Sometimes she lays there for more than an hour, just reveling the wonderful feeling of being rammed over and over again. She holds off her orgasm until she’s ready to finish and then lets it release inside of her, covering the plastic cock in creamy, salty liquid!


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