Lonely Slut Has Fun With Toy!!

Machine Satisfies SlutWatch this lonely slut get off all by herself! Who needs a man when you have a toy that never tires and does exactly what you want when you want it?! She starts out by lubing the toy up with tingling lube(her favorite!) and then spreading her legs and spreading the lube onto her clit and around the opening to her slit. She fingers herself for a while, getting warmed up and ready for the rough-riding machine. When she’s wet, hot, and horny, she grabs the remote and lays back and relaxes. She spreads her legs wide and lines up her cunt to the mushroom-tipped dildo. She closes her eyes and throws back her head as the first pump penetrates her aching pussy slowly and completely, reaching to the depths of her pleasure center. As her muscles relax into the rhythm, she increases the speed, the pleasure building from core. As the speed increases and her climax builds, she gets more and more excited! She knows whats about to come….then WHOOSH! A wave a intense pleasure courses through her body as the machine continues to pump and pump. It lasts a good 10 seconds before the climax subsides and she turns off her faithful toy satisfied! Mission accomplished!


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