Deep Ramming Machine Does The Trick!

Pussy Stuffing Machine DildoThis deep ramming machine is just what this sexy little slut needs to cum all over herself! She begins her games by playing with herself, using the tips of her fingers to gently massage her clit and the insides of her vaginal lips. She spits on her fingers and slides them inside her pussy, feeling the smooth corridor of her walls tighten with excitement. Then she pinches and squeezes her nipples until they’re hard little bumps atop her soft mounds. She uses the wetness her pussy has begun to produce to wet the long shaft of her toy and then licks it off, the taste of her own wetness stimulating her senses and getting her all roweled up. When she cant stand not being filled any longer, she turns on her toy and turns over to be entered from behind. This position allows the hard head to glide along her sex tunnel and apply pressure to the so often ignored bottom wall of her pussy while the plastic balls hanging from the base of the toy press against her clit with each thrust. The rare sensation sends shudders of joy through her body and she just cant get enough! The head comes to rest, only for a second, against her hyper-sensitive g-spot before pulling away teasing her and driving her wild. Not wanting to ignore the other pleasure centers of her body, she decides to try tit fucking. Again, she gets the dildo all covered and wet, and squishes her tits together forming a tight little hole for the toy to squeeze through. She then sets the toy to low and leans forward, letting her tits get pushed and pulled lightly creating a wonderful massaging sensation. When she got her fill of boob bouncing fun, she flips back over to finish what she’s started. She lay back once more and aligns her pussy with the strait aiming arrow. She turns up the heat, letting the long stick ravish her as it hits her bullseye. It goes so deep that shes was overcome with a blinding climax before long at all that makes her whole body stiffen as her vagina tightens and releases with each climatic wave!


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