Slut Has Orgasm After Orgasm!

Dildo Sex Machine DelightIt takes more than a little vibrator to get this slut hot and heavy so she went out and bought her a big boy toy! This machine dildo has 10 speeds and variations of pleasure for her to play with. She lays back on her soft, comfy bed and gets into position to experiment. First she licks and sucks the toy until its slick with her sweet spit. Then she lays on her side and spreads her legs and uses her fingers to open her tight slit. She sets it first to low speed, slowly getting into the pulsating rhythm of delight. She feels every inch of the long shaft slide luxuriously into her silky chamber and lets out a groan of pleasure as it pushes back into her center. Right when it hits her g-spot, it pulls back, teasing her gloriously until she’s an ocean of sex juices! Then she turns up the speed and incorporates a vibrating motion which drives her absolutely wild with vaginal pleasure! On and on she goes from high to low speed and everything in between having wonderful orgasm after orgasm!


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