A Night Full Of Plastic, Pulsating Pleasure!!

Big Titty Bitch Loves New MachineThis big-titty bitch gets comfy in her arm chair and prepares for a night full of plastic, pulsating pleasure. She’s never used a dildo machine before, but her husband just got sent overseas with the NAVY and left her with this to play with while he was away. He sends her letters describing the naughty, nasty things he’d do to her if he were there which she reads to get hot and moist between her thighs before she begins. She just read one describing him ramming his cock between her legs while she screams out in glorious delight! This is what she’s imagining as she turns on the machine and begins getting the shit fucked out of her. She already sucked off the toy, almost too big for her mouth, to get it dripping wet and ready to go. She didn’t expect it to be as much fun as it was! She came over and over again to various fantasies of her husband fucking her…and some from her own imagination. He better be careful or he may just have bought himself a plastic pleasure replacement!


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